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Strengthen your French

Improve your French in many different ways!

You can focus on specific skills to strengthen your French or just learn for pleasure from various interesting themes. Workshops are open FOR FREE for enrolled AF students. 

The workshop will be a weekly hour focusing on a different skill each week (phonetics, writing, listening, reading, grammar). For more info, please contact us!



  • Free
  • Free for enrolled students only

Workshops will help you improve on a specific weak spot, be it writing skills, pronunciation skills or grammar use. 

Workshops are free for enrolled students currently learning French with us. The theme of each workshop varies every week so contact us for more info!


  • Free
  • 10 Hours | A1 to B1
Learn how to pronounce French sounds like a French would do it! During the workshops, you'll get to work on the "r" or that "u" that gives you such a headache... Our phonetics workshop are suitable for all levels as it is a focus on pronunciation of words, and not the meaning of them


  • Free
  • 10 Hours | A1 to B1
Write with proper grammar! Detailed explanation and revision of grammar rules will definitely improve your written skills. After this workshop, you will be able to write in French with ease.


  • Free
  • 10 Hours | B1 - B2
The writing workshop will give you confidence to write texts, essays or argumentations in French.
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It is at AFM that you find the best teachers.


They make such an effort to make learning fun and credit goes to the teachers for being so patient.

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